Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the

Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World This book rewrites the history of jewellery in the age of Victoria The age of Victoria is taken in its widest sense to encompass jewellery made throughout Europe and America, displayed at the great international exhibitions and distributed through foreign trade, illustrated publications and a burgeoning tourist industry Throughout, links with other disciplines will provide both the specialist and the non specialist with the information to understand how jewellery permeated all walks and conditions of life in the th century The focus of the book is on the attitudes of owners to their jewellery and the symbolic weight that it was expected to carry Rather than concentrating on the major figures at the top end of the jewellery trade, it is oriented towards the social aspects of owning, wearing and displaying jewellery For example, novelists used jewellery to add a moral or metaphorical dimension to a character, while jewels depicted in portraits often carried multiple messages which could be immediately decoded by the viewer The achievements of science, the fascination with nature and the Victorian sense of humour are all embodied in jewellery Topics discussed in depth include the importance of jewellery in the life of the Queen herself, jewellery and dress, the language of jewellery, the cult of novelty, the importance of nationalism in the revival of historical styles, and the contribution of archaeological discoveries The volume is sumptuously illustrated with contemporary reportage, photographs and portraits as well as examples of jewellery from the British Museum and other collections

  • Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World
  • Charlotte Gere
  • 05 January 2019
  • 0714128198

About the Author: Charlotte Gere

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World book, this is one of the most wanted Charlotte Gere author readers around the world.

12 thoughts on “Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World

  1. Tersch Emanuela Tersch Emanuela says:

    I find it really complete and interesting I warmly suggest this item if you are interested in victorian era


    If you adore anything Victorian and want to become even knowledgeable, you will love this book A weighty tome almost 4kilos, it covers in remarkable depth the jewellery of the Victorian age.They were the first to have jewellery made valuable for purely sentimental reasons, not just for instrinsic value So the book contains history and photos of jewellery made from the beloved s hair and the teeth of their children I kid you not and you know, it works.Wonderful photographs throughout of women made ravishing by their gorgeous clothes and jewels, and from private collections and donations to the various museums throughout the land.

  3. mary12 mary12 says:

    This was a catalogue issued by the British Museum for one of their specialist exhibitions I missed It makes a great alternative on a little know subject as it is well illustrated.

  4. Hopeh Hopeh says:

    I m not going to repeat what everyone else has said, because they ve pretty much covered it Stunning photos of stunning jewellery with an excellent guide through the Victorian era and the different styles Love it, well worth splashing out on.


    Superb mine of information beautifully illustrated book , describing wide range of items from top craftsmen to mundaneproducers, tracing the different fashions in jewellery through Victoria s own possessions and tastes Fascinating to anyone interested in period jewellery.

  6. biglouis biglouis says:

    This is a very large and heavy book so be warned if you intend to use it for bedtime reading as your knees wilk ache with the weight It is a magnificent study packed with information and well illustrated from diverse sources

  7. SES SES says:

    I would love the book for myself.Just got a very quick view But I gave it to my cousin for her 80th Birthday She is really pleased with it and is enjoying it very much She says the book is very well written and most informative Also the illustrations are very beautiful.

  8. SOFIA B. Kr SOFIA B. Kr says:

    One of the best books purchased this year Spectacular pictures, clear text, great gift to any occasion Recomend Just Great

  9. Dr. Stephen Schreibman Dr. Stephen Schreibman says:

    Wonderful source book with a treasury of pictures It was better than I had anticipated and I am still wading through it

  10. BookwormNI BookwormNI says:

    This book is so heavy, it is unsuitable for bedtime reading and this is the only criticism I can make.Wonderfully illustrated, well written and great information, this book is one of the best in my large collection If you are interested in jewellery, its symbols, source of inspiration and history, then this is the book for you SUPER

  11. Poudre d'étoiles Poudre d'étoiles says:


  12. mimi572503 mimi572503 says:

    bien illustre bien documente a recommander aux passionnes de cette epoque belle epaisseur du volume dommage que de telles publications soient si rares

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