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Softball Pitching Edge This is the best selling softball pitching guide of all time returns, in a completely updated and enhanced second edition With Softball Pitching Edge , you ll go inside the game and learn to improve your mechanics, develop an arsenal of pitches and shut down then shut out opposing teams This special book and DVD package dissects every stage of the pitching motion, allowing you to identify common flaws in your delivery and adjust mechanics for consistent and accurate results With proven pitching drills, you will fine tune proper mechanics, master the motions and increase overall arm strength

15 thoughts on “Softball Pitching Edge

  1. Douglas Richardson Douglas Richardson says:

    I purchased this and two other pitching books last summer when my 10U daughter decided she wanted to start pitching This book is, without question, the most useful of the 3 books I have very little baseball experience and no pitching experience either baseball or softball My daughter and I attended a league provided intro to pitching class but I was still left wondering how to proceed Most parents in my situation i.e., don t know squat about pitching opt for a pitching coach, but I wanted to see how far I could take her myself first.Cheri does an excellent job explaining the fundamental mechanics and also the approach to take when making adjustments I ve relied almost solely on her advice and my daughter has made tremendous progress in the last 7 months, with us practicing on average about 1.5 hours 1 2 times per week.I can t comment on the quality of the chapters that cover the advanced pitches as my daughter isn t ready for them yet, but the chapters on the fastball and fundamentals are excellent.

  2. gifter gifter says:

    After checking the book out of the library and reading most of it, I decided it was a keeper and ordered my own copy Our granddaughters and their parents will make good use of it.

  3. Dennis Dennis says:

    The techniques described in this book will make your daughter a better pitcher The drills, hints, discussions and strategies contained in the book will take your daughter to the next level of fastpitch softball Buy this book and encourage others to do the same.Dennis

  4. R. Lake R. Lake says:

    My daughter is now a junior in high school and has been going to a pitching coach for 2 years ie dad d off the hook But before that I must have invested 100 in videos and found them of little use My experience was that pitching videos did little because they were too much in a short period of time Teaching a kid to pitch must be done in small, bite size, pieces This is exactly what Kempf s book does, with the chapter set up to do small things at a time combining to ultimatly build the pitcher Cheri does nothing fancy or with gimicks just plain instruction This book will not magically make your daughter a pitcher, but will provide the basic fundementals that with hard work, make her effective pitcher.

  5. Love2shop Love2shop says:

    I have viewed this video also purchased the book and had my pitchers watch it I coach kids from beginners to high school and they all can utilize the drills in the book Great coaching tool even for those of us who have never pitched before The instructions were clear and easy to implement into my practice plan I think using both the book and video is helpful than either one on it s own.

  6. pgwl pgwl says:

    Really good if you want to teach yourself and can t afford or are not ready for a personal pitching coach Also is good for visualization for those who already have a personal coach and just would like to watch a pro Sherry Kempf is definitely a pro.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Great book, I would recommend anyone that wants to learn the basic mechanics to the advance mechanics for their softball pitchers

  8. Richard Lohmann Richard Lohmann says:

    This is a great tool for teaching the mechanics of pitching for beginners.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    Informative book

  10. Sara E Meyers Sara E Meyers says:

    This pitching DVD has changed how my daughter pitch for the better It has great mechanics drills and speed drills It is very easy to go step by step and learn improve skills.

  11. presgop presgop says:

    great book, don t hesitate buy it

  12. Steve Morgan Steve Morgan says:

    great book

  13. R. Gosse R. Gosse says:

    I picked up this book to help my young, aspiring pitching daughter There are excellent fundamental drill which will hep her in the earlier years and continue as she progresses Part two has all sorts of off speed pitches and curves which will ad to anyones arsenal The book is well written and easy to understand.

  14. Mtwilson Mtwilson says:

    Good book

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Great book Cheri Kempf breaks it down for coaches and players alike, and with her extreme knowledge of the game and nuances of pitching it allows for great informational read for the beginner or the advanced player or coach.

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