Copertina rigida Ð R.E.M. Hello Kindle æ

  • Copertina rigida
  • R.E.M. Hello
  • David Belisle
  • 08 July 2019
  • 081186510X

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R.E.M. HelloR.E.M has risen from cult college radio status to sellthan 100 million records worldwide and be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Released to coincide with their world tour and new album, this gorgeous photo book captures the band on and offstage with rare and intimate access for the first time David Belisle has photographed and traveled with R.E.M for the past seven years his dynamic images and insiders perspective capture the band s performances, recording and video sessions, but also reveal its members in personal spaces that only the band and their closest friends inhabit Handwritten captions by the band and an introduction by Michael Stipe add context and insight to a must have document for fans. Cool book with some great pics by the author who clearly had the blessing of the band to photog they re every waking moment on and off stage Intimate potraits by a fan and family member of this long running crew. Book arrived in timely fashion in perfect packaging, filled with many wonderful pictures by a band whose music is enhanced, and defined, by great photography of them I ve cut most of them out and hung them on my walls for decoration. I loved the book, the pictures were awesome, fresh, vulnerable and honest REM is the greatest band ever and to have a glimpse into their world was amazing The only reason I didn t give 5 stars, it would have been helpful to have a listing of who some of the other people in the photos were. This is absolutely a great photo book.Of course you ll love it if you re a REM fan,but even if you re not familiar with the band,these pictures are great in itselves You cansee one picture where michael stipe seems likethom yorke s conscience, or another with a funnymohawk at the back of his head Or peter buck flyingon stage as if he was a teen, and a great mike millsplaying bass in his boxers great moments, great format,it s a utterly beautiful book a whole experience.if you re reading this, trust me, you better buy it