Taffin PDF æ Hardcover

Taffin This luxurious volume showcasesthan three hundred pieces designed by the imaginative French jeweler James Taffin de Givenchy, in his first book Jewelry is an emotional object that projects who you are It takes artistry, intellect, and logic to make it, said James Taffin de Givenchy Since launching his own jewelry business in , Taffin has garnered a glowing reputation as a connoisseur of exotic gems and a designer who fuses Old World European glamour with pared down modernity His incredible bijoux are at once eclectic and whimsical, and embrace a symphony of colors, gems, and shapes This opulent volume grants access to Taffins world as the designer shares his inspirational references, intimate photographs of his studio, and hundreds of exquisite photographs of his lavish one of a kind pieces that, like him, are, at once, sophisticated but lighthearted, extraordinary yet unpretentious Taffin is recognized for both sculptural designs that augment the individuality of each gemstone and the unexpected and playful use of materialsfrom rubber to ceramic to the steel of recycled AK s Capturing the designs of a passionate colorist, Taffin brings to life the inventive and bold combinations of diamonds, peridots, sapphires, mandarin garnets, and coral creations in a volume that is truly a feast for the eyes Lavishly illustrated, this book gives fashion and design lovers a unique look at Taffins vivid and creative works

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