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Sweet Dreams: Wishes for Our Children The photographers of Sleeping Beauties present a new collection ofthan 75 endearing photos of newborns, taken in the photographers trademark minimalist style and accompanied by knitted props and natural elements 50,000 first printing.

  • Copertina rigida
  • Sweet Dreams: Wishes for Our Children
  • Tracy Raver
  • 03 April 2018
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5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams: Wishes for Our Children

  1. Kiet Vuong Kiet Vuong says:

    This book is a big disappointment after Newborns in Dreamland which I think is exceptionally well done and brings new life to the genre I personally use it as both inspiration and technical reference for my own baby photography Unfortunately Wishes for Our Children appears to be a typical baby photo book assembled and printed by any random online publisher First the size is too small 8x8 just doesn t fell like a book Second the layout is poorly done with lots of various backdrops and color schemes It feels like the authors got caught up with the endless possibilities with the layout software and could not decide on a uniform format But most important of all is the photography seems stale There s nothing new from Newborns in Dreamland and frankly some stuff feels they were leftovers from the last book.Sleeping Beauties Newborns in Dreamland

  2. Iaroslav Kerget Iaroslav Kerget says:

    Was thinking i will get from those book

  3. Mona A. Myers Mona A. Myers says:

    Ideas for posing newborns The book was nice and the pages were all intact Beautiful pictures Nice price also Thank you.

  4. jose jose says:

    I was overjoyed at the books content because the creative way in which each infant was photographed was such sheer genius that it has stimulated my imagination and shall surely improve my photography All books I have so far purchased from have been to my satisfaction.


    Sweet dreams is an amazing book of newborn photography those who enjoy this kind of photography will be amazed I simply loved it

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