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The Theory and Practice of Magic Deception This book is about the most in depth, powerful information on deception that is available today Then, it puts that information into practice with two world class magic effects The theory goes into detail on what makes magic, magic Every aspect is addressed It includes, how you appear, how your voice sounds, and information about subtle hand motions that affect what your audience thinks It discusses what goes on in your mind that affects what happens in the minds of others This is the theory of magic deception The second part of the book is dedicated to the practice of magic deception First, a time tested method to cause a coin to disappear is presented This is an extensive lesson with many pictures and many details of the very subtle motions involved Then, an effect is presented that brings the theory of the first part of the book to life and utilizes the student s new ability to cause a coin to disappear The book ends off with an effect called Zen Matrix This new routine enhances the half century old Matrix routine that has become so popular in magic Zen Matrix utilizes the theory presented in the first part of the book to magnify the power of the Classic Matrix routine This book is an excellent beginning for those new to magic It starts from square zero and accelerates the newbie into master class The coin vanish taught requires little dexterity The trick using that move is very basic requiring moderate skill Zen Matrix requires patience to master That is expected with an effect as powerful as this Its mastery may well be worth it for when performed for any group of magicians, the reward will be recognition of your capability as a master magician Experienced magicians will recognize the theories of Al Schneider but will find that knowledge to be a starting point in this book This book takes new information Al discovered about how the mind works that has not been incorporated into the material over the last fifteen years In addition, the experienced magician will find Zen Matrix to be a valuable addition to the Classic Matrix concept This is not a standard book on magic

About the Author: Mr Al Schneider

Al Schneider is a leading member of the magic community He has lectured and performed at most domestic magic get togethers He is a renowned writer and creator of magic effects and principles His books have sold worldwide and have made a significant impact on the industry He invented the Matrix routine that revolutionized the coin world

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