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Inside the World of Board Graphics Inside the World of Board Graphics takes an in depth, comprehensive look at the global nature and cultural influence of Surf Skate Snow board art and design International design luminaries Art Chantry, Katrin Olina and James Victore are placed along side industry super stars Terry Fitzgerald, Martin Worthington, Yoshihiko Kushimoto and Rich Harbour who has been shaping and designing surfboards sinceThe book includes dozens of interviews and profiles from the people currently creating board art and design Aaron Draplin, Emil Kozak, Morning Breath, Anthony Yankovic, Haroshi and Hannah Stouffer to name a few There are many books about the art of board design, but there has never been a book like this that takes a rare look behind the scenes of the creative process Countries represented Iceland, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Russia, Poland, UK, Mexico, Venezuela, Romania, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and the USA, among othersRobynne Raye and Michael Strassburger are founding partners of Modern Dog Design Co in Seattle, Washington Raye is known for her imaginative, bold, and playful work in branding, poster, and packaging design Strassburger is an instructor at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, has won countless design awards, and has lectured and exhibited worldwide Raye and Strassburger are the co authors of Modern Dogyears of Poster Art by Chronicle Books