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The Natural Home Sch ne Fotos aber mehr auch nicht Keine Informationen die man aus dem Buch mitnehmen kann Nach weniger als 15 min hatte ich das Buch durch und war ziemlich entt uscht.Das Geld einfach nicht wert Such a great book Explains a lot about using earthy tones throughout your home and how to achieve a rustic look. The Natural Home is a place where natural materials and motifs are the key elements of a decorating style that is a joy to live with and a joy to beholdInfluential art director and stylist Hans Blomquist starts off by exploring the essence of his style Firstly, Plants and Flowers celebrates the beauty of nature, botanical prints and pictures, and the cycles of the natural world Display reveals Hans passion for creating vignettes that showcase treasured pieces, while Color presents his favorite earthy palette, which provides the perfect muted backdrop for hits of brighter natural hues In Texture, he revels in the textures and patinas of natural materialsscuffed wood, frayed rope, beaten metal, and bare stone Finally, Hans shows how to use Fabrics to bring warmth and softness to any interior In the second part of the book, The Natural Homes, through a series of case studies, Hans explores houses and apartments that showcase the beautiful simplicity and elegance of the natural look

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