Diving And Snorkeling Maldives, 1st Edition PDF/EPUB

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Diving And Snorkeling Maldives, 1st Edition (en anglais) Scattered like rings across the Indian Ocean, theatolls that comprise the Maldives are a diver s mecca Encompassing channels, pinnacles and walls, the sites here have lyrical names that match their beauty While hard corals recover from recent coral bleaching, the reefs still thrive with vibrant soft corals, sponges and anemones Prolific fish life ranges from funny little blennies to massive, friendly Napoleonfish Divers are transported to the reefs on colorful traditional dhonis and luxurious safari dive boats This book describesof the best sites in the Maldives, with full color photos taken in the wake of El Ni o damage You ll get specific information on Dive site topography and access Safari boats, including contact information Resort islands across the archipelago Travel logistics and topside attractionseasy to read maps