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Angel Killer: (Jessica Blackwood 1) (English Edition) Meet Jessica Blackwood, FBI Agent and ex illusionist Called in because of her past to offer expertise on the mysterious Warlock case, Jessica must put all her unique knowledge to the test as they try to catch a ruthless killer Needing to solve the unsolvable, and with the clock ticking, they re banking on her being the only one able to see beyond the Warlock s illusions The first in a brilliant new series, Angel Killer will have you feverishly turning the pages, and in Jessica Blackwood, Mayne has created a complex, sassy and unforgettable new heroine Professional illusionist Mayne introduces a fresh angle to serial killer hunting Booklist Mayne has created an unbelievably unforgettable bookStars Suspense Magazine This is the first book by this author that I ve read The premise was definitely interesting and kept me turning pages The protagonist was interesting but I felt detached from her at the beginning by not having a visual image to fix on This came later in the book, which I felt was an odd way of presenting the main character Mr Mayne has his own quirky ways of writing Most authors seem to.I was disappointed by the way in which the author sometimes presented elements of FBI procedure or magical application as if we, the reader would be already aware of them Maybe I m being too pedantic I shall read the story again in time perhaps that issue might not grate on me in the same way.My main bone of contention which did and always does ruin my enjoyment of the story was the amount of typos This is the age of spellchecker There can be no excuse.I would however, read by this author in future. Having paid around 50p for this Kindle book I was expecting it to be like so many other self edited and self published cheapo e books full of bad grammar, poor spelling, superfluous apostrophes and rubbish writing Was I ever pleasantly surprised Yes, the plot was ludicrously far fetched, contrived in places and somewhat unbelievable, but no so than many other bestselling crime thrillers Reading this really reminded me of a Jeffery Deaver book don t remember which one with a similar supernatural killer pulling magic stunts to fool people, except this book was way better I also appreciated the total lack of corny romance as I m fed up reading about smouldering atmospheres and hot sex in my crime novels it s usually completely non relevant to anything else in the book so not having to put up with it here was a refreshing change from the norm.I raced through this book in less than a day and genuinely couldn t put it down Lost than a few hours sleep as haven t been so captivated by a trashy crime novel in yonks As other reviewers have noted, it did finish a bit abruptly with a few loose ends and unexplained bits and pieces, but I assumed that was due to a sequel being planned I hope I m correct as I d like to read about the magician chick and her sociopathic stalking guardian angel. I really enjoyed this book despite a few niggling issues the author wrote in present tense, a complete no no in my eyes, but on occassion he seemed to slip up and write in past tense That spoiled the book a little the main character, Jessica, was too genius to be beleivable not to mention stunningly beautiful Anyone would have thoguht she was a rocket scientist the way she carried on speiling off her theories on the murders and amazingly, having a 100% success rate I thought I was watching CSI for a minute there, except that she was the entire CSI cast of know it alls all rolled into one the ending was confusing and unsatisfying I did not feel that all the loose ends were tied up Perhaps the author is working on a sequel Jessica s stalker friend acquaintence, Damien What was that all about I also got the feeling that the character was named Damien after the evil child in The Omen I felt he was given that name purposely to present him as one of the bad characters, straight off the cuff That s kind of cheating if you ask me the entire Damien Jessica relationship was a very strange one that I felt was just too unrealistic It just did not make sense and Damien himself didn t make sense He was never explained, not even at the conclusion of the story.In pointing out all those negative issues above, I cannot deny that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book I will be reading further literature of Andrew Mayne s. Agent Jessica Blackwood, an FBI agent with a background as a magician from a line of performing magicians, is called in to help explain how a girl, who had died two years previously and had even undergone an autopsy, has been found newly dead , having crawled out of her coffin and through the ground above This is the first of several tricks performed by the serial killer known as The Warlock As a pattern is discovered, it is a race against time to save subsequent targets, and Jessica herself becomes prey in a dramatic finale.I must admit, I found the ending disappointing I wasn t sure the book had actually concluded and I flicked back to see if I d missed something I did feel a little unfulfilled as there were questions left unanswered.However, I am awarding this novel five stars for its original plot and detail It is well written and the inexplicable events are captivating It was a page turner It had suspense after suspense, leaving the reader no time to breathe between events.One last point was that the book is written in the present tense I personally find this irritating, although I can see how the author may have chosen this to add to the speed of the drama.

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