Street Photography: From Brassai to Cartier-Bresson MOBI

Street Photography: From Brassai to Cartier-Bresson (English Edition) this is extremely thorough if not slightly wordy opus While reading, it gave the impression of a major paper written for peer review On the downside I felt that it was not overtly aimed toward the layperson photographer If I were to be in a place to ask, I would also wish for photographic illustrations However it is well worth plowing through for its insights into street photog as related to other movements in the arts and letters from the same epoch. If searching for a book about an amaizing, inspiring, briliant subject that is written so boringly, you could not imagine, then look no further, because you have just found it The author seems far interested in showing off his knowledge of rarely used words, long sentences and utter ability to bore, rather than to tell his poor readers about some truly amazing photographers and their work.Really wish I had not wasted my money. I m inclined to agree with the previous reviewer, although I don t think he went far enough This book is written by a propeller head for propeller heads, and as such is absolutely impenetrable for normal people I spent a day just wading through the introduction, and didn t understand a word of it and still don t Hoping to put the time wasted on the introduction behind me, I struggled on to the first chapter, which at my present rate of consumption will take me about two or possibly three months to get to the bottom of Good grief it s hard work.The author would have been better off employing a ghost writer, or at least somebody with decent communication skills If nothing else the book would have been readable Unless you want to give yourself brain ache for several months, stay well clear There s absolutely nothing in this book to recommend it A complete waste of time and money for everybody concerned, and the publisher should have known better Or, was very hard up for a book to print. I gave this 3 Stars as even though it is a good read, it is not something that the average person today would want to read You can read my mini review and why I believe this here It s a well written book with thorough footnotes It s NOT, however, the type of book to inspire modern day street photographers If you like Post Modern analysis of pre 1960 French street photography, however, this may well be the book for you. Love this book What a waste This book is written by a Professor of European Literature who, I would guess, has never taken a photograph of any kind, let alone done any street photography himself Those who can, do Those who can t write critiques Possibly written as a doctoral thesis to impress other intellectuals but does nothing to explain street photography Here s just one random sample of the writing The Haussmannisation of Paris is a masculinist enterprise of penetration, panoptic possession, and universal visibility, the Thesean dream of a unicursal pattern of corridors whose centre might be reached and whose monster, fruit of an unnatural sexual union, might be destroyed.Nonsense At least to those of us without degrees in classical literature This guy is just too full of himself and the book is full of this kind of writing.If you want to learn about street photography, look elsewhere and don t waste your money on this one. Nach dem tollen Foto auf dem Titelbild erwartete ich einen Fotoband mit vielen Straenszenen ein Thema, das mich seit langem besonders fasziniert Leider besteht das Buch fast nur aus einem langen Text ber die Straenfotografie und Fotografen Das, was ich erwartete, wunderbare, aufregende Bilder, fehlte weitestgehend Wenn man sich fr die theoretischen Fragen dieser Art von Fotografie interessiert, ist das Buch sicher genau das Richtige, wenn man Fotos erwartet, wird man schwer enttuscht. Street photography is perhaps the best loved and most widely known of all photographic genres, with names like Cartier Bresson, Brassai and Doisneau familiar even to those with a fleeting knowledge of the medium Yet what exactly is street photography From what viewpoint does it present its subjects, and how does this viewpoint differ from that of documentary photography Looking closely at the work of Atget, Kertesz, Bovis, Rene Jacques, Brassai, Doisneau, Cartier Bresson and , this elegantly written book, extensively illustrated with both well known and neglected works, unpicks Parisian street photography s affinity with Impressionist art as well as its complex relationship with parallel literary trends and authors from Baudelaire to Philippe Soupault Clive Scott traces street photography s origins, asking what really what happened to photography when it first abandoned the studio, and brings to the fore fascinating questions about the way the street photographer captures or frames those subjects traders, lovers, entertainers so beloved of the genre In doing so Scott reveals street photography to be a poetic, even picturesque form, looking not to the individual but to the type not to the reality of the street but to its romance

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